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Model Generation Application

Model Generation Application Demo

Need a tool to generate process diagrams from events logs?

We have a solution for you!

Free tool

Generate and visualize process activities in BPMN Standards.

Simple usage

Provide event logs and select the format of the diagram to be generated.

Process Analytics

Built by assembling various libraries provided by the Process Analytics project.

How it works?

Generation Model Application Demo

The Model Generation Application is a shiny R application that takes an event log file in XES format as input.

Once imported, it can display the process using 2 representations that can be used for comparison: a basic Process Discovery view and BPMN, with the execution data (frequency).

For both representations, it also lets the user filter out noise that can be generated by the quality of the event log.

With the BPMN view, it can enrich the process semantics by doing gateway and task detection.

More information in this series of articles

Model Generation Application
Model Generation Application
1 min read

Built with Process Analytics components, our upcoming demonstration tool generates a process from event logs.

Posted on August 2022
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