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Rapidly display meaningful Process Analytics components in your web pages using BPMN 2.0 notation and Open Source libraries.


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Need to analyze and optimize your business processes? Then you need an overview of the execution data: process, data, actors (human and robots) and systems (forms, apps, 3rd party software).
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The Process Analytics project ultimately supports the creation of tools that can be used to:
  • give an visual overview of process execution and business data,
  • help process understanding through analysis of its data, and
  • make good choices for process optimization.
You can create and build applications to visualize:
  • Monitoring an individual process instance execution
  • Monitoring of all process instances for a selected process
  • Prediction of a process instance execution
  • Other process data
  • Drill down through process execution flow
  • Related resource data
  • And more…
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The Process Analytics project provides a set of libraries that can be integrated into automation tools, process mining, Business Intelligence tools, RPA, services orchestration, and others.
These libraries will make it easy to render processes, human tasks, automatic and robotic (RPA) talks, and system-related execution data.


A TypeScript library for visualizing process execution data on BPMN diagrams.
bpmnVisualizationR package
A R library for visualizing process execution data on BPMN diagrams.
BPMN Layout Generator
Tools for generating the graphical layout of the BPMN process (BPMNDI Graphical Model) in BPMN files.
mxGraph / maxGraph
mxGraph is a fully client side JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering.
Process Analytics

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